Interview Dra. Eva María Trujillo Chi Vacuán “Understandig Eating Disorders”

Episode 76: Understanding Eating Disorders with Dr. Eva Trujillo

On this episode, Ragnar speaks with Dr. Eva Trujillo, a specialist and world leader in eating disorders. In Mexico and abroad, she is helping to redefine and raise the standard of care for the treatment of eating disorders and mental health issues.

Tune in and learn:

  • what eating disorders are and the truth about eating disorders;
  • eating disorders and hospitality professionals, including statistics and vulnerabilities;
  • understanding treatment options and how to access a community of support.


For English language resources on eating disorders, visit the Academy for Eating Disorder’s website

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For Spanish language resources and more information on Dr. Trujillo’s nonprofit, visit Comenzar de Nuevo‘s website

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nine truths about eating disorders
eating disorders
eating disorders

About Dr. Trujillo

Dr. Eva Trujillo

Dr. Eva Trujillo is based in Monterrey, México. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Tecnologico de Monterrey School of Medicine with a specialization in pediatrics. A world leader in eating disorders (ED), she has created a clinical program of the highest international standards in a region of Mexico that previously had no services for people with ED and mental health issues. Dr. Trujillo also founded and is the Executive Director of Comenzar de Nuevo, a nonprofit organization recognized throughout Latin America that supports the prevention, teaching, research, advocacy, and treatment of ED at all levels of care.

Dr. Trujillo’s vision has raised the standard of treatment in Mexico and around the world. With multiple local, national, and international recognitions and awards, she has mentored many professionals, published books and papers on ED, and is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences.

A founding member, former president, and collaborator in countless ED associations worldwide, Dr. Trujillo has served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Academy for Eating Disorders (AED) for 9 years and was President of the organization from 2016-2017, the only Latina with this appointment. She has been director of several scientific committees, chair of several international conferences, invited editor of scientific journals, and countless leadership roles in the international ED community.

Dr. Trujillo has supported more than 9000 patients and families and created a low-cost patient care program, unique across all of Latin America. Her group receives an average of 400 first-time patients annually from 11 different countries and 27 states of Mexico.


Special thanks to Dr. Trujillo for joining us and for her remarkable work.