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Available for both men and women, this clinic conducts an initial evaluation, followed up by once- or twice-a-week sessions in which patients receive individual or group attention. This program adapts to the needs of each patient and his or her family.

Residential Program

It has an average duration of 12 weeks, but the actual length of stay is determined in the individual evaluation.

Patients receive group and individual therapy— psychological, nutritional, medical and occupational—along with different activities and exercise plans. We also have a psychoeducational program that prepares family members for when patients are discharged.

Our facilities have capacity for 18 patients in the residential area (Inpatient treatment), and for 2 more in our hospital room.

The Residential Program includes four subprograms; the specific program chosen and its duration are determined on the basis of the needs of each patient and family.


Daytime Clinic

Patients of this program take part in the same activities as residential program patients, but at the end of the day, they have the option of going to their home or to a hotel.


Halfway House

Patients partially attend the activities of our Treatment Center, where they eat and sleep, but they take part in everyday activities such as going to school or to a job outside of the Center. This program is designed exclusively for patients who have completed the residential program but need to stay in a structured and safe environment for reasons related to their illness.


Intensive Care Hospital

This Clinic is for patients who require stabilization from medical or psychiatric complications. Patients who are checked into this clinic will then be integrated into one of our programs. The clinic operates under the same conditions as a general hospital, since our patients are treated at our Treatment Center in a totally-equipped area run by specialized personnel. Occasionally, when the medical or psychiatric condition of the patient requires it and for their own safety, they are transferred to a more specialized hospital until they are medically and/or psychiatrically stable enough to continue with their treatment at our facilities.


Reinforcement Program

This program was designed for patients who have completed the residential program at our Center but require short (3 to 5 days) and periodic (once a month) reinforcement sessions while they adapt to life outside our facilities.