Discover that life can be a piece of cake


+ Closeness and personal care

Our team specialists are trained and qualified to deal with even the most complex cases, in addition to having the human warmth to offer to each patient, 100% personalized care.

+ Disciplines

Eating Behavior Disorders are complex and multifactorial illnesses that can be deadly if not detected and treated early.

To treat these disorders, we have specialists that care for the physical health of patients in the areas of medicine and nutrition, and specialists who care for the mental health of patients in the areas of psychology and psychiatry.

+ Number of success stories

We have had patients from 27 Mexican states and from over 11 different countries who have returned home with their crises solved and ready to continue with their treatment at home.

We are pleased to report that of the 6,000 people that we have oriented or cared for, most of them are recovered.